Kew Gardens

Today we took a spontaneous trip to Kew Gardens. We were originally were just going to go to the library and a trip to the park but we’re invited by friends and couldn’t say no 🙂

What is it? 

Big clue in the title lol. It’s a massive garden! If you decide to go you will be walking loads a I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water. We bought a picnic blanket too but don’t worry there are plenty of places to sit and eat.

You can explore the whole place but that would take a very long time as it’s so big. We didn’t do everything we could’ve but we did have fun doing the things that we did. 

We explored the different plants and flowers. We went into Kew Palace and saw where King George III resided many years ago. 

There was even an indoor and outdoor kids play area which the kids really loved. 


Now I thought the prices were a bit steep even though it was a nice day out. I paid £15 on the door although it’s cheaper to book online which I didn’t know at the time. 

Note that if you live in Wandsworth, Richmond, Kingston-upon-Thames, Hammersmith and Fulham you can get a discount on Tuesdays only. All you have to do is bring proof of residence 🙂

Check out their website for more info and for any special events they may have going on. Also check the weather before you decide to go. I don’t think anyone wants to visit a garden in the rain 🙂 

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