Rainy day ideas

Well all know how unpredictable English weather can be. One minute you’re soaking up the summer rays then the next it’s pouring down. Today it was raining of course 🙄 so I decided to make a post about all the fun thins you can do at home.

Super mini disco 

So last night I was doing a bit of online browsing and came across this on Argos


I thought for only £8.99 you can’t go wrong. I went and picked it up today and saw how small it was. Was expecting it to be any good but I thought I’d take it home and bring it back if it was rubbish.

Took it home and was pleasantly surprised. It’s like have a mini disco in your house. Both little miss and I enjoyed it. You can connect your phone/iPod to it and play any song you like all while enjoying the pretty disco lights. 


Get yourself a good book collection if you haven’t already and spend the day reading. It’s that simple. We’ve got a large book collection. Little miss really enjoys reading noisy books and touch and feel books too. I’ll post a picture of the ones we love below. Available in most book stores and Amazon 🙂

Pretend Picnic 

Have a pretend indoor picnic or real one! We had one today where we hand tea, pizza, grapes, sweet corn and more. Crazy mix yes I know 😀 You can buy all these toys for as little as a pound from Poundland and other places for slightly more like Argos, the early learning centre and ToysRus. This is great fun and also encourages your hold to bring out their creative side.


We are such a fan of baking. I’m always looking at what we can making in our Ella’s kitchen cook book and Pinterest. If you haven’t already done so, download the Pinterest app. Full of amazing ideas from the most creative people.

The Other day on Twitter is saw someone attempt to make these Cookie Monster cupcakes and well it didn’t turn out so well 😀 so I’ve set a challenge for myself and little miss to try and make them as good as the ones below. Wish us luck 😊

That’s it for now. Will update when we have our next rainy day in 🙂 

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