Amanda’s Action club

What is it? 

Amanda’s Action Club is a company I stumbled upon when searching for a new activity to take my daughter to. The classes are for young children and are very active and musical. Birthday parties are also offered to. Children are encouraged to sing, dance and learn through a range of fun activities. If you follow the link posted above, you can read all about Amanda’s Action Club and search for your nearest class, class times and prices. 

Action Amanda has many props she uses in her classes and they encourage children to use their imagination for example Quotis’ are use for when The Wheels on the Bus is playing. The children use them as steering wheels and become a bus driver of their own imaginary bus. Pretty cool! 

Parents are encouraged to sing and dance with the little ones too which is great if you’re someone that loves to stay active!

The activities are also linked to the EYFS and that’s where the educational part comes in. It’s great to see your child learning in such a fun and active way! 

My little girl absolutely loves the classes! There’s nothing more she loves to do than to dance. I really enjoy it myself too. It gives you a chance to act like a child again, let loose, be silly and have fun! You get to hear all the classic nursery rhymes with a modern twist.

So definitely check it out and get your best dance moves ready!

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