Menorca – Cala’n Bosch 

So for the May half term me and the little one took a well deserved break to sunny Menorca just days after moving house. I really meant well deserved LOL.

Menorca is a lovely place but out of Majorca (where we went last year) and Menorca, I definitely prefer Majorca!

Once again we booked with Thompson. I will always recommend Thompson for family holidays they are great. Everything is included in the price flights, hotel, and transfers. What more could you want? 

Our flight was at 6:15am 😶 and although that’s super early I love it. You get to your destination super early and that’s obviously more time for you to enjoy your holiday.

The flight was 2hrs 15mins. I had little miss up at 1am and when we got to the airport I had her up playing in the soft play. (Gatwick have this soft play area for under 7s great way for them to burn energy) 

My planned worked. About 15 minutes into the flight she fell asleep and so did I. When we both woke up there was an announcement saying we were landing in 30 minutes. Perfect timing!

We land in Menorca and it’s boiling. Lovely change from raining London! The thomson staff were very helpful and directed us to our coach that would be taking us to our hotel. 

The transfer time felt like forever and I think that’s because of how many stops we made but we eventually got there just after 12pm. We were one of the lucky ones as check in wasn’t until 2pm but our room was ready 🙂

We stayed at Roc Lago Park. It’s group of mini apartments. It was lovely and very clean. My only complaint was that I had to walk up and down a few steps every day with a buggy. You would think that they would give people with smaller children a ground floor room but hey I didn’t let that hinder my great experience.

There’s lots to do out here and it’s very child friendly.

We went on a boat ride and visited 15 beaches and a few caves. Was a very cool experience!

A lot of their restaurants have a kids play area. This particular restaurant was called Fiesta. Great food! Great service!

We took a little mini train ride around the Calan Bosch resort. We both enjoyed it!

Of course there’s the beautiful beaches. Top tip- baby powder helps get sand out of your baby’s hair. Two lovely ladies on the plane suggested it to me and it actually worked. Shout out to them! 🙂

There’s also the hotel pool. Was so happy they had a smaller pool that she could stand up in. 

So back to why I preferred Majorca. Simply because of the shops lol. When I was in Majorca my hotel had a Spanish version of Aldi right next to it so if I ever ran out of baby things I could quickly run over and get them. Plus everything there was a decent price. Menorca does have some baby things but they’re not all in the same shop so you have to go to different ones which is quite annoying but I guess you can just see it as exercise lol.

Overall it was a great experience. I’ll post some more pics below xx

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