So today we’re went to Kidzania which is located in the White City Westfield (right next to M&S.

Going to be real honest and tell you this is mainly for older kids around 5+ but they do cater for the early years. I don’t think I would’ve taken my daughter this early but it was for my nephews birthday and I’m glad I did because we really had fun!

What is Kidzania?

To put it simply, an indoor city for kids. They can do the jobs some of us adults do e.g. Paramedics, working at an estate agents, cleaner, nurse, journalist the list goes on.

This was my nephew and his friends as pilots for British airways lol super cute 

So what’s there to do for the early years?

• Clubbing – yes clubbing lol there’s a little dancefloor for them to dance on and dj equipment which is obviously for the older ones. It’s adorable to watch especially when your child has funky moves lol

•Science lab – there’s a small science lab where your little one can enjoy blowing and catch bubbles. Fun activity!

•Supermarket – your little ones can go around the supermarket with a trolley and have a good old shop around. 

• Kindergarten – Kidzania teamed up with the early learning centre to create a creative play space for little ones. It’s like a little school. Super cute 

There’s more but I don’t want you to experience it for yourself 🙂

Need to know 

There’s a buggy park although the workers say you park it there at your own risk. My buggy was fine for the day. I’d just suggest you take your valuables of course.

Every child and yourself gets this little scanning wrist band thing. When a child does a different activity they have to be scanned in. The parents wrist band is connected to their child and there is a kiosk when you can check to see your child’s last whereabouts in case you lose touch. It’s a great system as it’s a big place!


Hold on to your seat lol. The price for adults is around £18 (it does change depending on what time of the day you go) but for kids 4+ it’s £29 bloody expensive if you ask me but it’s a fun experience and very informative too! For the early years (1-3) it’s £10 so I think that’s a decent price seeing as the things they can do are limited. 

Overall it was a great day out and I will definitely be taking my daughter again when she a little older and can do everything! Gotta get your money’s worth lol

I’ll post sole more pics below x

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