Our “free” trip to Chessington World of Adventure 

I’m going to be very lazy about explaining how it was “free” lol check my tweets below 

I couldn’t be bothered to type it again lol🙄 Now it’s too late to collect tokens for Chessington (there’s always next year) but you can collect tokens for other places like Warwick Castle, Sealife, Legoland and others 🙂 all the instructions are on the website!

But let’s talk Chessington!

We absolutely LOVED it!! 

The theme park is very baby/toddler friendly. I was quite surprised that there was so many thing for my little girl to do. We went on a number of rides, visited the zoo and sealife too! There’s even a very large soft play area which is great if you have kids that are different ages. Entertainment for all!

Our favourite ride has to be the Gruffalo river ride. It’s fairly new to the park and it was amazing. It’s a water ride though so prepare to get slightly wet lol

What I thought was great about Chessington was the app. They have everything you need to know on there including what rides are suitable for your child’s age group and the time you have to wait for rides too. I’ll post some screenshots below.

Another one of our favourite things was being able to see The Gruffalo film screening. This happened 3 times in 1 day. There’s also a chance for a meet and greet too. The queue can be super long though 

Getting there

I drove down there. Parking was only £3. You can buy it online like I did or on the day. It’s up to you 🙂 if you buy online you can chose to print at home and you’ll receive and email with a parking ticket that you print off and hand to the ticket guy as you leave.

You can also take public transport. I would always recommend using the TfL journey planner to plan your journey or even google/iPhone maps.

Overall it was a fantastic experience. Go, go go!! 

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