Harry Potter studio tour 


This post is going to get straight to the point simply because I’m such a massive Harry Potter fan I could write a million words about today’s experiences but I won’t 🙂
Go go go! The tour is amazing. I don’t think you even have to be a fan to appreciate how magnificent it is. You can see all the hard work that’s been put into the costumes and sets.
My dream is for my daughter to love Harry Potter as much as I do and not just the films. The books too!
There’s so much to view at the studio tour. With my blog posts, I always try not to go into too much detail as I want you guys to experience it for yourself but what I will say is that the newly built Forbidden Forrest was fantastic. I really felt like I was in the movie.

Little miss seemed to enjoy herself too. I’ve posted a few pics on this post. I will say that maybe not all parts of the tour are suitable for the young ones but as a parent you should be able to judge for yourself 🙂
It was very buggy friendly! There was only 2 points where I had to leave the buggy unattended for a short while and that was when we got on the Hogwarts Express and the Dursley’s residence.
The studio tour has plenty of restroom facilities and a place to stop and eat too.

Tickets – £39 for adults (although this could change) and free for under 4s! My favourite word “free” lol😀 be aware that you’ll need to get a ticket for your little one though but it’s completely FREE 

The car park is also free 🙂

If you look on their website which I posted above, you can also look at other ways to get there if you’re not a driver:)

Overall it was a great experience that I will definitely be going to again. Maybe when little miss is a little older and has watched all the films with me 🙂 x

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