So today me and little miss went for out free trial at Gymboree. We previously went to a free trial at the Putney branch when she was about 5 month. At the point I didn’t see the point in me taking her to classes as I knew she would probably just sleep through it and will that would be a waste of money!

This time we had our free trial at the Wandsworth branch and once again, little miss loved it! She was so happy and very interactive with the teachers and other babies.

I found Gymboree to be quite similar to The Little Gym but also different too. We had two teachers at our trial who were both lovely and friendly. 

Classes started off with a few songs then the babies explored the gym going through different tunnels (little miss wasn’t a fan lol) but she still had fun regardless. We then had more songs, time to play with the parachute, toys and bubbles too!

Now I know I said this about the little gym but I’m definitely signing up for this. The staff offered £20 off the joining free which is a bargain so I couldn’t decline. There’s nothing I love more than a good deal lol. I’ll be doing the unlimited classes. 

Prices are below. 

Things to remember 

  • Please be aware that prices depends on the branch you decide to take your baby too. 
  • Classes are based on your baby’s age. So I was in a Level 3 class today for 10-16month olds
  • Music and arts classes are available too. Ask your local branch for more information 
  • You’ll probably have to pay a joining fee if you want to sign up however you may be offered a discount like I was if you decide to sign up on the day.
  • Ask about the branch’s minimum commitment and how they take payments 
  • Babies don’t wear socks but parents do
  • Try out more than one branch. I did. Best way to know which one is for you. The trials are always free.

For more info visit the website and find your nearest one.  🙂

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