Bournemouth is definitely my favourite seaside out of all the ones I’ve been to and a great place to take your little one or even for a romantic getaway with it without them.

I’ve been 3 times now and I love it! I went last year in the summer and it was lovely. Best thing about it is the sand. Makes you feel like you’ve actually left the UK 😀 not to mention it makes a nice change from other seasides like Brighton that have pebbles. Don’t get me wrong though, Brighton is lovely too!

So what’s there to actually do?

The beach

When we went last year in the summer we found a lovely spot by the sea and relaxed for a few hours, dipped our toes in the sea and collected sea shells. My recent visit was in February so it wasn’t the warmest but it wasn’t super cold either so this time we actually skipped going on the beach and just decided to walk alongside it. It was very soothing hearing the waves which I think helped get my daughter to sleep a few times 


An aquarium slightly smaller than the Sealife in Brighton & London but still lots of fun!  We got to see Penguins, turtles, stingrays and many more. My daughter loved it! Under 3s go free 🙂

To eat

There are plenty of restaurants like TGIs, Nando’s, Frankie & Bennies, Pizza Express. The list goes on and they’re all baby friendly! Also worth checking out your hotels menu if you decide to stay at one. 


Bournemouth have some beautiful gardens that are lovely to view for all ages. I only saw the one right near the town centre/ beach but according to there are a few more worth checking out which I will do during my next visit.


Being a seaside, Bournemouth is full of hotels so you’ve just got to have a look on trip advisor to see which one suits you. We stayed at The Marsham hotel. Silly of me but it I just booked my hotel based on its looks and I was very lucky that it turned out to be so nice. Not too far from the beach, train station or town centre. The only downside to this hotel is that it had no ramp or if it did it wasn’t made clear where it was. Oh the lifts were tiny too. Just about fit my buggy in there. I will say though that the staff were lovely and accommodating and the room was very comfortable.

Bournemouth is a beautiful place and a nice change from things if you live in such a busy city like London so why don’t you treat yourselves and your little ones and take a well deserved break there 😊

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