The Little Gym
The Little Gym is a gym for your little ones (minus the treadmills and weights lol). It’s a place that encourages your child’s physical and learning development. They have tailored classes for specific ages (4 months- 12 years)

My daughter and I went there for a free taster lesson and both really enjoyed it. In the class you have an experienced teacher who really encourages the children to explore the gym and their bodies. Her class was 45 minutes long. 

My daughter did a hand stand and a forward roll at her first class (with my help of course) which is something I wouldn’t even think to do at home as my floors aren’t as soft lol that’s why I think The Little Gym is a great idea. She’s also a new walker and while we were there she loved walking around and interacting with the other babies.

We went to the one in Wandsworth as that’s our closest one but if you have a look on their website you can see which was is close to you and book a free trial and there you can discuss prices and how The Little Gym works.

I will definitely be signing up my daughter for their next term 🙂

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