So with the horrible weather in England, you may have started looking at holidays to go on. This is post is all about my daughters first holiday to Majorca – Spain and why I think it’s a great holiday destination especially if you have a baby.

So I booked with Thomson simply because I’ve booked with them before and that transfers are always included in their holidays which is just one less thing to worry about. Second reason I booked with them is that under 2s go free so I didn’t have to pay a thing for my little one 🙂 (I booked both my holidays for this year with them too.)

So I booked to go to Majorca after reading countless reviews on trip advisor. Loads of people said it was a great family holiday and I definitely have to agree.

Where we stayed

  • Accommodation Name: Alzinar Mar
  • Destination: Majorca
  • Resort: Ca’n Picafort

Hotel was lovely inside and out and the staff were lovely and friendly too. It’s located less than 10 mins to get to the beach which was pretty much right opposite the hotel. About over and hour from the airport and the big bonus is, is that it’s right next to a supermarket (quite similar to Aldi) so if you ever run out of nappies and other baby things, it’s right there for your needs 🙂


So we went for 4 nights and it was £284 for adults and like I said under 2s go free.

Buggy hire 

The thought of pushing a buggy around Gatwick airport made me want to cry lol so I had a look online to see if I could hire a buggy in Majorca. I found loads of sites. Emailed one ( and they reserved a buggy for me. It was simple all I had to do was send my flight arrival time and my hotel details. Tim met us at our hotel with the buggy, I paid him and he was on his way. Only thing I had to do was enjoy my holiday and leave the buggy in my hotels luggage room on the day I leave. I just carried my daughter in her baby carrier to and from the airport. So much easier when they’re small. The website also have other baby equipment you can hire too.

With Thomson, you are allowed to bring a buggy free of charge on to the plane but you should always check with your airline beforehand 


So you’re probably wondering about what happens with a baby at the airport if you haven’t yet travelled with one. So baby food. You can carry as much as you need for the flight (Majorca is only 2hrs 15mins so you probably won’t need much) but they all will go through this little machine thingy (I don’t know what they’re checking for lol) and once that’s done you should be on your way. You and baby will have to go through the full body scanner. When I went from Gatwick, she was fine to stay in the baby carrier as we went through but coming back I had to take her out of it. Also just letting you can order milk to Boots in advance so you can collect it at the airport. Give them a ring or have a look on the website for further info. Of course you don’t have to worry if you’re breastfeeding:)

The Plane journey 

Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was scared my daughter would cry and get on everyone’s nerves but she loved it. She made friends on the plane and didn’t complain when her ears popped.

Baby changing was the most difficult thing. Now I’m sure everyone knows how small toilets are on a plane. Now imagine that with a baby changing table. Can you say tight squeeze? lol I did it though😃

Just before taking off I was given a baby life jacket and a baby seatbelt that needed to be attached to mine. I’m sure all airlines do the same. I was shown how to use it too. (Don’t be frightened lol they have to do this)<
this year we'll be going to Menorca & Portugal. I'll let you guys know what it's like 🙂

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