So last year my friend and I took out little ones on a day trip to Butlins – Bognor Regis. It’s the closest to London and a straight train from Clapham junction takes you there. Or you could drive.

There are two other resorts: Minehead & Skegness so just have a look to see what’s closest to you. 

When you arrive, you’ll have to follow directions to the day pass entrance where you’ll be given a wrist band and a map and that’s where you’ll begin you adventure:)

So what’s there for you to do?

Splash water world

This was definitely my favourite bit. So Butlins have an inside water world with lots of slides and an awesome wave machine. My description won’t do it justice so have a look on the site for pics.


There is a fairground which is for older kids & adults of course but definitely check it out. The little ones will appreciate the lights and atmosphere.


They have a soft play area for the little ones inside. It’s a decent size. If I’m honest this is one of the few things they have here for under 2s but with that being said, you don’t actually pay for under 2s so can’t really complain 🙂

Live shows 
They have live shows at Butlins which is great for all ages. They change all the time. There was a live show of “Mike The Knight” when I went and the kids loved it(so did I lol) 


When I went (during a school holiday) I only paid £20 for day entry which I thought was decent and my little girl went free. I think prices just depend on what time of the year you go. Also you can stay at Butlins too so have a look online at their prices and availability:)

To end the day off, my friend and I left the resort to take a nice buggy walk along the beach front (forgot to mention Butlins is right by the beach lol) 

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