Meeting other mums

Now I know this blog is all about fun things to do for under 2s but I thought I’d do a post on where you can meet other mums so you have someone to share these fun experiences with.

Baby groups – as mentioned before your local baby group is a great way to meet other mums. I know making new friends is hard for those of you who are a bit shy but try and put yourself out there 🙂

The Motherhood group Get yourself on twitter and follow @themotherhoodgroup

I’ve been to one of the events and it was lovely. It was a group of us mums and we all bought our little ones along. We shared stories, had a laugh and also had a health visitor offering advice information. From that evening Sandra (the organiser of these events) actually was added me to join the motherhood group chat on WhatsApp. It’s great! Whenever I need help or advice I’ll just asked a question and within seconds one of the lovely ladies will offer their advice and support. As mentioned before, follow @motherhoodgroup for more information on the next events 🙂


Netmums is a great site where you can get advice and information about your little ones. It’s also great for finding out what events are on in your area and other mums in your area too.

If you make an account you can either reply to posts or make your own posts about wanting to meet other mums. I always would be careful when talking to a complete stranger online because you never truly know who you’re talking and if you’re going to meet up with your little ones then I would always suggest a public safe place. So far I’ve had nothing but great experiences. I’ve actually met two lovely ladies off this website and we meet up regularly with our little ones for coffee dates, soft play dates etc.


Similar to net mums (better in my opinion lol) but this is an actual app which you can probably download from an App Store on any smartphone you have. Just create an account, create a profile and meet other mums in your area. It’s kind of like online dating lol but as mentioned before just be careful when organising meet ups. There’s also a hub where you can make posts. You can ask for advice, create a meet up etc. Really great for making new friends !

Things to be aware of

1. Now I keep mentioning it but it’s so important to stay safe. If you click with someone then that’s great! I’m sure you’ve all heard of catfishes (people pretending to be other people online) so be aware e.g. Maybe you exchange numbers and they haven’t got a display picture on WhatsApp. There could be a genuine reason for this but it’s something I always pick up on.

2. You are going to get time wasters unfortunately. If you come across someone that just isn’t making as much as an effort as you are then just keep it moving 🙂

3. Don’t share personal details. You don’t need to be telling anyone your full name or address to be honest. Maybe down the line when you actually become friends but just remember for now they’re still strangers.

Happy mummy friends hunting 🙂

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