Free things to do for you and your little one! 

So I don’t know about you guys but I’m always up for saving money lol so below is a list of FREE fun things you can do with your little one.

1. Library- the library is a great place for bonding with your baby. Reading books to them can be beneficial for your little one too.

Some library’s may offer a children’s singing time or story time so it’s always best to check what your local library has going on.

 Plus did you know about Bookstart? It’s a national programme that offers free books for children. If you look inside your Redbook (which should have been given to you a few days after your child was born) it’s on page 15 (it might be different for everybody) but there is a page called Bookstart where it has two vouchers one for babies up to 1 years old and another for 3 to 4 year olds all you need to do is bring it to your local library and get it signed and you will receive your free books 🙂

2. Natural History and Science museum – both right next to each other based in South Kensington. It’s a great day out and the science museum have a bubble show which is great for the little ones.

3. Parks – find your nearest park and take your little one there (obviously during the warmer months) Great way for them to interact with other kids that are there. Parks that I would recommend: Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Wimbledon Park and Battersea Park. 

4. Local events– check with your local Sure start centre, local newspaper, advertisement at bus stops for free family days. In my area every year they have like a family fun day free of charge during the summer. Have a look to see if you’re area might have something similar. 

5. Southbank centre – the southbank centre always has on free events for children of all ages. Here’s one of their upcoming ones <for more info.

6. Free trials – some baby based companies e.g. The Little gym & Gymboree off free taster classes for you and your little one to try out. Most companies do this as a way of showing you what they’re about and to get you to sign up to classes that you will have to pay for. Try out as many free trials as you can. Look out for things like the two mentioned above and other baby activities such as swimming, baby ballet, baby singing classes. I have a few lined up myself and I will post a reviews on each one I attend 
Think that’s it for now. Will update when I get the chance 🙂

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