Baby cinema 

Did you know you can take your baby to the cinema? Yes you read correctly. These are relaxed screenings where the lights are up a little and the sound isn’t as loud as a normal screening. Sounds good right?

So I know some of your are probably thinking “why on earth would I take a baby to the cinema?” This is one of these things that can be for you too. I don’t know about you but ever since becoming a mother I do find it hard to do certain things like go to the cinema. Why? Because I pretty much have my daughter with my 90% of the time (I need to let go a bit lol I know it’s a process) the other 10% she’s with family as I teach part time. But as previously mentioned I’ve yet to put her in nursery (still feel like she’s too young plus them nursery fees *clutches chest* lol) so when I found out about these baby screenings I was overjoyed.

I could still visit the cinema which is something I’ve always loved doing and not have to worry about childcare. Plus I still get to spend time doing what I love with my princess.

The baby screenings can be quiet. It all depends on the time and days you go. They can also be very noisy lol remember you’re going to be surrounded by babies but don’t let that put you off. It’s still an enjoyable experience.

Below are the cinemas I’m aware of that do baby screenings. All you have to do is find the ones nearest to you. Be aware that a lot of the screenings take place in the mornings and there’s a few in the afternoon too. Normal cinema ticket prices unless stated otherwise.

They usually have a designated area where you can park your buggys too. That’s something to bear in mind 🙂

Everyman cinema

There’s not a lot of them but boy do they have comfortable seats.


Odeon – Newbies 

Popular cinema chain. Have a look on their site and see if they have any screenings near to you.

Cineworld – Cinebabies 

Another popular cinema chain. (If you’re a regular cinema goer then I’d recommend getting a cineworld card. Definitely worth the money)

Parents and Baby Club at Rio Cinema in Hackney

Check website for cinema times. You have to be a member to attend a screening but membership is free. View their site for more details 🙂

That’s it for now. Hope you all enjoy a baby screening soon. There’s always google too if you don’t happen to find a screening near you.

Next post will be about free things to do for your little one 🙂

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