Sealife and Shrek’s Adventure 

So I went to both Sealife & Shrek’s adventure when my daughter was around 6 months. I’m going to be honest here and tell you that these were for me really lol as she wasn’t at the age where she would truly appreciate it but anyways as mothers we have to treat ourselves sometimes right?

Eventually I’ll take her again when she’s a little older.

Both attractions were amazing! Sealife was great because, well when are you really going to get that close to a shark and be safe? lol Shrek’s adventure was great because you actually feel like you’re in the movie! The live actors were awesome. Very much invested in their roles. Oh yes and the 4D bus ride was pretty cool too.

Oh and this is a bonus too! Not paying for the kiddies under 3! (Sealife is the same) You can also use those 241 vouchers you sometimes get in the newspapers, cereal boxes etc. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions.


Prices vary. You will have to look online to see what dates are available. Note that it’s always cheaper to book online rather than on the door.


You can bring your buggy to Sealife. Lifts available too.

You cannot take your buggy around Shrek’s Adventure unfortunately but there is buggy park where they tag it and keep it safe until your experience is finished. I took my daughter in a baby carrier. Unless you’re super strong I wouldn’t recommend taking your little one unless they can fit in a baby carrier or can walk unaided.

Both attractions are a short walking distance from each other on London southbank. I’ve posted the links below so you can have a look for yourself 🙂

Sea Life

Shrek’s adventure

Shreks adventure 2018

My daughter is now 2 and I was lucky enough to be invited to a special trip to Shrek’s adventure by Netmums for free! It was a lovely day out and an amazing opportunity.

I still think my daughter is a little too young as at some parts she said she was scared and hid her face but she enjoyed most of it especially the picture with Shrek at the end. I think I’ll wait another 2 years before I taker her again but it’s a fun family day out so I definitely recommend it!

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